Friday, February 25, 2011

Continuing on the TEDx Berkeley 2011 theme Renee Blodgett, CEO/Founder of magicsauce Media writes an excellent Blog at down the avenue which is about bringing passion to technology, business, and life.

She has written a series of excellent posts on the conference and I include here a good summary of what I spoke about.

Another one her great blogs is We Blog the World a blog network dedicated to global storytelling across a wide array of topics ranging from technology, business, the economy, culture, politics and the arts, to nature, education, sports, marketing, music and more.

We Blog the World covers 30 topics across cultures worldwide. Here is a post from the blog on the TEDx conference as well.

Thanks Renee.

Monday, February 21, 2011

TEDx Berkeley 2011

I spoke at TEDx Berkeley on Saturday (Feb 19, 2011). Tedx events are independently organized but officially sanctioned "baby TED" events that take place around the world. An amazing group of speakers which included Chip Conley, founder & CEO of Joie de Vivre, Erin Ganju, co-founder & CEO of Room to Read, and Robert Fuller, former President of Oberlin College enthralled the 1200 person audience at Zellerbach Hall on the University of California, Berkeley campus. All day long an amazing set of thought provoking and out of the box ideas flowed from the speakers challenging the audience. And more importantly all of them collectively have the potential to propel the human race forward. It was interesting to see how many of the speakers focused on the theme of elevating human consciousness and the need to apply technology for the greater good of humanity.

MeiMei Fox who is the author of the blog intent has done an excellent job summarizing the ideas from the day in her post today.

Videos from the event will be on the TEDx Berkeley site shortly. Watch them! They will fire up your imagination. Congratulations and thanks to the great group of volunteer organizers led by curator Kevin Gong who put the event together.